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Margaret Ann Pritchard
Brings Business Etiquette to You

Margaret Ann Pritchard

Certified Etiquette & Protocol Consultant

Do your employees provide a positive image of themselves and your company? How do you know that your employees exhibit the finest business entertaining and dining skills?

When individuals build successful relationships, organizations benefit. Our customized business etiquette presentations and training will empower your employees to learn and utilize the business and social skills so vital in today’s corporate environment. We give employees the tools to build self-confidence, social skills, and a positive image to achieve professional success. 

When the individual is successful, their company succeeds as well. Margaret Ann Pritchard’s presentations are designed to enhance your leadership, communication, dining and relationship skills.

The Mission of Margaret Ann Pritchard is to present contemporary, universally accepted etiquette and protocol programs in the highest professional manner.

Who benefits from business etiquette training?

  • New Hires
  • Sales Professionals
  • Leadership and Management Training Programs
  • Seasoned Professionals and Senior Management
  • Intergenerational Work Forces
  • College Students
  • Medical School, Law School, & Graduate Students
  • Athletic Teams
  • Client Contact Personnel
  • You

Etiquette training is for everyone. Rude behavior is not only bad etiquette - it is bad business. We have many years of experience training all levels of employees - new hires to senior management. The result: attendees who know how to build more successful relationships with co-workers and customers. People do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Benefits and Value of Business Etiquette Training

  • Enhances professional success--- thus company success
  • Promotes outstanding corporate and personal reputations
  • Builds relationships using respect, consideration, and honesty
  • Helps individuals project confidence
  • Projects a positive and respected image in the business community
  • Builds teamwork and productivity among professionals
  • Reduces incivility and the associated costs to the business

Let us introduce to you the world of manners and protocol.

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